About Tom

Tom Begier is a man who is living his passions. A straightforward  communicator with the perspective that comes from surviving major accidents and life threatening illnesses, Tom loves just being alive.  And it shows.

Tom has over 30 years of experience in Corporate Culture Development. He also specializes in business consulting, capital fund raising, executive staff mentoring and leadership development. Focusing  on companies such as 101 Management Group, Eco-Built Homes, FX Capital  Fund, General Dynamics, Outside Networks, Siemens, Sony, and Wisdom  Financial Group. He has spent the last 10 years teaching people about actually being in their life. Based on his writings about Practical Now and Listening Below the Noise.

Tom received his early training from the U. S. Air Force. He entered  the corporate world with General Dynamics as a technical advisor on the  F-16 Fighting Falcon. Tom continues to perfect his mentoring, management  and leadership skills working with executives and employees throughout  the world. He is a certified human behavior/personality and  leadership specialist. He has spoken on four continents to a variety of  businesses and groups. Contact him today to begin your unique journey.

Practical NOW

Practical NOW


Are you unconscious?

Whether you identify as an individual or a team you are well connected wirelessly but disconnected humanly. 99% of your life is lived unconscious. 

Yes we all know the new terms: woke, in the moment, living in the now but we are deeply unconscious in every area of our lives.

Familiarity breeds contempt and we have all used the words above too much without making it a part of our daily living.

Tom is an expert in showing how to overcome your unconscious living and finally become a part of your life. LIVE NOW in your life!

What clients are saying!

“ Tom brings a passionate, yet thoughtful approach to the classroom.  My students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation, highlighting it as one of their favorite classes during the semester.  His advice is very pertinent to today's world. " 

John Bishoff,  Professor, Florida State University College of Business 

“ I thought Tom’s presentation was too simple and too short to matter, but as I put it into practice it changed every relationship in my life. Thank you Tom.“

Charlie Johnson, University of Tennessee 

“ Spend a few hours with Tom Begier. You’ll never be the same. “

Steve Fales CEO Ad Services, Hollywood, FL